SIDEWALKING: Here She Comes Now


Ben Franklin Bridge 2:09 PM by JONATHAN VALANIA

INQUIRER: Atlantic City has already been hammered hours before Sandy is set to strike, with chunks of the boardwalk ripped away by the surge and many streets underwater. Some residents who had not evacuated or sought out a shelter were beginning to panic. Flooding was also widespread in Ocean City and Wildwood. Early on today, a section of the famed Atlantic City Boardwalk that was already in disrepair gave way. But other solid sections followed. An 80 foot piece of the Boardwalk at Atlantic Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue in Atlantic City was destroyed by the pounding surf. All that remained was a pile of wood and rubble, according to an Atlantic City Public Works employee. One section of boardwalk was found a block away-and high tide won’t come again until tonight at the apex of the storm. Water was coming in unchecked from the inlet, rushing over the seawall and high tide isn’t until 8 p.m. MORE