Babs, Wells Fargo Center, 8 PM last night by JEFF FUSCO

PHILLY MAG: If you were wondering what the view (or at least the camera view) from a $200 Barbra Streisand seat looks like, let [THIS PHOTO]  serve as documentation. I wasn’t supposedto be sitting in section 204a, where I snapped this photo. No, my free $500 review ticket (provided by Streisand’s publicist) was second row center. As in two rows from Streisand’s glory. But my 62-year-old mom, who had the 204a seat, tripped and fell on her way into the Wells Fargo Center, breaking her glasses, spraining her wrist (at least we hope it’s just a sprain), cutting her face and busting her knee. Given that she could have never even made it to 204a and that she never would have been able to see anything if she had, I switched seats with her, which was, I’ve since been told, a major no-no in the world of big concert review protocol. Consider me admonished! Apparently being a good son doesn’t matter much to the music industry. MORE