WHEN WEDDINGS ATTACK: Video Of Massive Wedding On Wedding Violence Goes Viral

NBC10: The uncle of a bride died and three people were arrested at a Philadelphia hotel Sunday after a fight broke out between dozens of guests from two wedding parties forcing police to use batons and a Taser to end the melee. Investigators tell NBC10 about 75 to 100 people were fighting in the lobby of the Sheraton Society Hill hotel located at 1 Dock Street. Police say at one point they were outnumbered by the crowd and had to call in extra patrols twice. Dozens of officers from across the city came to the hotel. Police say they used force to control the crowd. A 57-year-old man, who is the uncle of one of the brides, suffered a heart attack and was pronounced dead at Jefferson Hospital. NBC 10 has learned that he was celebrating his birthday. He was not a part of the fight, according to police. MORE

Police had little information on the wedding fight, which occurred at the Society Hill Sheraton on Second and Walnut streets, but a video posted by a hotel guest to YouTube this morning shows a chaotic scene with guests fighting police and a woman letting out blood-curdling screams. At least seven police officers can be seen on the video, one of whom repeatedly uses his baton to strike a wedding guest. The person who took the video, who says that it’s his birthday and he wishes the wedding guests would just go to bed, at one point asks “Did they just deck the bride?” MORE

CBS: Eyewitnesses say the fight began in the lobby. It then escalated to the point where the cops requested what’s called a 3rd assist, which is an all-hands-on-deck call. MORE

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