RAMBLE ON: Win A Trip To NYC To Meet Led Zep


You can win an trip for two to attend the world premiere of Led Zeppelin‘s ‘Celebration Day’ concert film on Oct. 9 in New York City — complete with airfare, hotel, movie tickets and spending money — courtesy of Ultimate Classic Rock and Omniverse Vision.  Led Zeppelin electrified the rock world in 2007 when the legendary group’s three surviving members reunited for their first full-length concert since their 1980 breakup. Millions of fans across the world applied for tickets to this special event, but only 18,000 got to see it all go down inside London’s O2 Arena — until now! Last month, the group announced they would release ‘Celebration Day,’ a concert film shot that historic evening. And now you can be among the first to see the finished result. We’ll fly you and a guest to New York City, put you up in a hotel for two nights, hand over two tickets to the premiere, and lay $250 in spending money on you as well. Oh, and did we mention the band is planning to attend this event? MORE

ROCK SNOB ENCYCLOPEDIA:  Though they will surely have to answer for their invention of heavy metal in the afterlife, and the shark-shagging rapaciousness of their backstage Sodom and Gomorrah probably means that Houses of the Holy doesn’t get played much over at Gloria Steinem’s house, Zeppelin was arguably the greatest rock band of all time (which is a different distinction than the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of all time, and everybody knows that’s the Rolling Stones). Their hobbit-hole occultism is actually zeitgeist-ing again in the wake of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and there is no denying the stentorian sex magic and hash pipe juju embedded in the tracks of every album up to and including Physical Graffiti. MORE


Holy friggin’ crap, the sound quality is INCREDIBLE! A live-in-the-studio performance for Denmark national radio circa 1969.