RANDY NEWMAN: Dreaming Of A White President

Randy Newman, the legendary putdown/pick up artist, has been hoisting racist assclowns by their own petards since at least 1974’s “Rednecks.” Simply put, he’s better at bigotry than they are, and he doesn’t even mean it. Just in time for the holiday that shall mark the second coming of Barack Obama, aka election day, Newman is back with yet another poison pill for the haters, it’s called “I’m Dreaming” but instead of the ‘a white Christmas’ you might expect to follow such a declaration, he’s dreaming of a white president. Or more accurately, the character he plays in the song is dreaming of white president. “He won’t be the brightest, perhaps/But he’ll be the whitest/And I’ll vote for that.” Devastating stuff, as per usual. He’s offering it as a free download on the Nonesuch Records web site. It’ll make the perfect stocking stuffer for the Tea Party douchebag in your life. You know, the people tweet things like this: