HOT DOC: Happy #S17


S17NYC.ORG: On September 17, we will occupy Wall Street with non-violent civil disobedience and flood the area around it with a roving carnival of resistance. After assembling in parks throughout the Financial District at 7am, we will converge on the Stock Exchange at 7:30am and surround it with the “People’s Wall” sit-in. We will then fill the Financial District with “99 Revolutions,” a swirl of mobile occupations of corporate lobbies and intersections. At 10am, the Eco Cluster will gather at Bowling Green to “Storm Wall Street” and demand it stop bankrolling climate change. At 11am, we will assess the day, and decide on how to proceed through direct democratic process. After a period of downtime and spontaneous actions, we will conclude the day at 6pm by holding a Popular Assembly at Foley Square and marching to Liberty Plaza for a final celebration. Want to figure out how to plug into one of the actions? Check out the tactical map and explanatory pages below, and be sure to make one of the many trainings we have scheduled throughout the week. MORE

UPDATE: The police appeared prepared to counter the protesters’ blockade with one of their own, ringing the streets and sidewalks leading to the exchange with metal barricades and asking for identification from workers seeking to gain access. Meanwhile, Occupy supporters marched through the streets waving banners and accompanied by bands playing “Happy Birthday.” Police officers repeatedly warned protesters that they could be arrested if they did not keep moving. Most of those arrested were charged with disorderly conduct, the police said. At one point, at Broad Street and Beaver Street, a police commander grabbed a man from a crowd. Protesters tried to pull the man free, but officers surged forward and wrested the man back and placing him in handcuffs. One of the more tense episodes took place as several hundred people marched slowly along Broadway. As part of the group passed Wall Street, a line of officers separated the marchers into two parts. A few moments later, officers approached a man who had been objecting loudly to the metal barricades that cordoned off Wall Street. The officers grabbed the man, who yelled “I did nothing wrong,” then removed him. As they were leading him away, a line of officers pushed a crowd, which included news photographers, away from the arrest. One officer repeatedly shoved photographers with a baton and a police lieutenant warned that no more photographs should be taken. “That’s over with,” the lieutenant said. MORE