PUNCHLINE: Man Paid $144 Million To Throw Ball


YAHOO SPORTS: The Philadelphia Phillies have agreed to give Cole Hamels so much money that he won’t even bother to file for the expected bonanza that comes with free agency. For a sum of $144 million over six seasons, Hamels becomes the second-richest pitcher in major-league history after CC Sabathiaof the Yankees. Hamels’ deal, first reported by Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, will be made official Wednesday at an afternoon press conference in Philly. At $24 million a season starting in 2013, Hamels will make as much annually as teammate Cliff Lee, who is signed through 2015.  When you include Roy Halladay, who is signed for two more years at $20 million per, it gives the Phillies three $20 million-plus starting pitchers — and there are only five starting pitcher slots. MORE

COURIER-POST: Despite not having 144 million reasons to smile like Hamels, many Phillies fans couldn’t help but beam knowing one of their aces will be wearing a Philadelphia uniform for at least the next six years. “It’s a lot of money, but I think Cole Hamels is worth it,” said CJ Wittmann, 19, of Woodstown. “He’s 28 years old, he’s the youngest of all our pitchers. It’s $24 million annually. We have three pitchers over $20 million. I think Cole Hamels is worth it.” MORE