ALGORITHM & BLUES: Orbitz Gouging Mac Users?

U.S. NEWS WEEKLY: According to the Wall Street Journal, online travelagency Orbitz is experimenting with showing Mac users different, sometimes pricier travel options than PC users based on the search and purchase behaviors of the site’s customers. Back in October, Orbitz found that users accessing the site from a Mac-based browser spent as much as 30 percent more a night on hotel reservations and were 40 percent more likely to book more expensive 4- or 5-star hotels. The company has used that data in conjunction with several other factors to modify the way Mac customers see travel options in order to boost sales. And it could use the boost. Orbitz lost almost $40 million in 2011, and its stock has tanked almost 75 percent since the online travel agency went public in 2007, according to the Journal. But Orbitz isn’t the only E-commerce company data mining to improve its bottom line. MORE