ON ASSIGNMENT: No Sleep ‘Til Reykjavik


Just a heads up here. I’m going to be in Iceland this week working on a Magnet cover story about these guys. More on that later, but in the mean time you can listen to the new album HERE. In addition to updates about the situation on the ground in Reykjavik (deep down, you know you want to know) we will have some exciting new content I’ve prepared for just such an emergency, including: an in-depth Q&A with indomitable Buzz Bissinger, Richard Suplee’s Wizard World preview to help you get your nerd on, and a quite frankly fascinating (if I do say so myself) Q&A with photojournalist Joe ‘Murder Is My Business & Business Is Good’ Kaczmarek, aka Philly’s Weegee. Plus the usual sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. So y’all come back now, ya hear? Now if you’ll pardon me I gotta go get my hopelandic on.