WORTH REPEATING: In Some London Attic There Is A Painting Of Madonna Getting Older By The Day

DAN DELUCA: First, there’s that $120 million, 10-year contract she signed with concert promoter Live Nation in 2007. It makes it imperative that she turn back the years and keep producing aerobically up-to-the-minute dance-floor pop suitable for playing in packed arenas and stadiums around the globe this year and in years to come. Second, there’s that rat Guy Ritchie to deal with. Madonna and her British ex-husband, with whom she had one son and adopted another, were divorced in 2008. The director of Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Sherlock Holmes reportedly walked away with a great deal of the Material Girl’s hard-earned money, and judging by the frequency with which the topic of her vanished cash comes up on MDNA, she misses it. From Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks to Adele’s 21, the breakup album is a noble tradition. And the main forces animating MDNA are (1) dabbling in dubstep and keeping up with the times by collaborating with French DJ Martin Solveig, Italian house duo the Benassi Bros., and longtime British helpmate William Orbit; and (2) sorting out her now-I’m-angry/now-I’m-sad reaction to not being married anymore. The results, on the seriously overlong 16-song MDNA (Interscope ss), which stretches on for more than an hour, are mixed. MORE

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