CINEMA: Dumb And Dumberer

CITY PAPER: Just about every bodily liquid and its corresponding sound effect is given screen time. So are a lot of the tics familiar to fans of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!: cringeable minor roles filled by odd-looking old people, repetitious dialogue, glitchy editing tricks, sudden earnestness, sudden shirtlessness, computer graphics from bygone times, infomercial-ish asides, uncomfortable yelling and mugging and hugging and breathing all over each other. If you don’t like that stuff, your disgust will delight those who do. This movie needs to exist, serving the same sociological purpose as 2 Girls 1 Cup, a post-mod — oh right, the plot. How could I forget the plot? Cheeseball filmmakers Tim and Eric blow a billion dollars of Robert Loggia’s money on a crappy short starring a Johnny Depp impersonator, then try to earn it back by taking over a run-down mall full of dumb stores, weirdos, hobos and one shitty-looking wolf. Along the way, they have run-ins with Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Zach Galifianakis and Will Forte, each of whom seems to have a different idea of what kind of movie this is. As a wet-coughing manchild with his belly hanging out, Reilly might be most correct. MORE

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