CINEMA: Who’s Afraid Of Dr. Seuss?

MOTHER JONES: What to make of the far-left agenda of Illumination Entertainment‘s adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax? For starters, the new animated film promotes a worldview that elevates the Earth above man and private industry. Economic growth is maligned as a force for evil, while those so-called Truffula trees are put on a fluffly, polychromatic pedestal. Successful businessmen are demonized as Orwellian overlords and planet destroyers. And the movie even has the gall to glorify—gasp!—single moms. These are some of the ways in which the inevitable conservative freak-out will manifest. Lou Dobbs on Fox Business has already started being a Brobdingnagian urethra about this movie, which he quickly condemned as “insidious nonsense from Hollywood.” So, yes, The Lorax will feel like nefarious agitprop to those who exist in a world where anything short of being a total ass to trees is akin to letting the terrorists win. For what it’s worth, liberal devotees of the famous children’s book are all frothy at the muzzle as well. Since its publication in 1971, The Lorax has been holy writ to those who like their children’s literature with progressive convictions. (Seuss sardonically called the book “propaganda.”) And as Mother Jones‘ resident Lorax expert Kate Sheppard reported, environmentalists and fans of the source material have for months expressed dismay over the film’s self-parodying cross-promotion (which includes peddling “Truffula tree friendly” SUVs) and the advertisements’ dilution of the story’s green message. But once you cancel out the drone of partisan hoopla, what you have is a high-tech, big-hearted update of the beloved Seuss fable. MORE

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