INTERN: I F*cked John F. Kennedy

Mimi Alford, 69, claims she lost her virginity to John F. Kennedy while she was a White House intern and had an 18-month-long relationship with the president. It began in the summer of 1962 when an aide invited Alford, then 19 years old and only four days into her internship, to swim in the White House swimming pool. That’s where she unexpectedly met the 45 year old Kennedy, who immediately took a liking to her. Alford claims the president took her virginity when the two met in one of Jackie Kennedy’s rooms later that day. What followed was an affair than spanned a year and half, which included romantic baths and painfully intimate conversations with the President about his personal life. The relationship took a turn when Kennedy began making increasingly lewd sexual requests, one of which Alford obliged. The particulars of the affair are laid out in explicit detail in Alford’s memoir due out Wednesday, Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath. Rumors that Kennedy had an affair with an intern originally surfaced in a 2003 biography by Robert Dallek, but Alford hadn’t spoken at length about the relationship until now.

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