THIS JUST IN: Ting Tings To Rock Troc

On April 13th. Tickets go on sale Friday.

PREVIOUSLY: The Ting Tings, a stylish duo from the UK, and their sassy, big-bottomed punk-funk hit “Shut Up And Let Me Go”, currently wiggling in throbbing primary color perpetuity on a cable station near you. Even before the iPod ad put them over, The Tings Tings were the new hot thing for people who like ‘new hot things,’ and for good reason: They are a stone cold gas, trading in a kicky-cool, post-everything hybrid of punk, dance, pop and rap combined with an innate sexiness, impeccable style and an irrefutable ‘get down’ imperative. The curiously named Ting Tings are fronted by a blonde-wigged glamazon with a CBGBs-redux wardrobe and a demonstrable willingness to fight for her right to party, who could pass for — depending on how much you squint — either the daughter of Edina Monsoon from Absolutely Fabulous or Deborah Harry circa “Rapture.” MORE

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