TONIGHT: Grand Slam

Appreciate a good story well-told?  First Person Arts will host a series of holiday-themed Story Slams this month in a continuation of its campaign to cultivate Philly’s narrative talent. Attendees may choose to participate or sit back and listen to the foibles of others. The more critically inclined may join the panel of judges who will rate performers on delivery and story content. For these events, you may want to procrastinate on your nightly viewing of X-Factor, as digital recordings will not be issued for these events. The evening starts off with a guest storyteller chosen from previous StorySlam winners who is then followed by ten “amateurs,” from the crowd. There are two rules. Everything said must be true, and stories must be aligned with a theme. Each participant is given five minutes to elicit as many hews, haws, and guffaws as possible. If you want to give it a try, just sign up. Tickets are sold at the door for $10, or $8 for First Person Arts members. Judges rate the combatants on a ten-point scale, and entrants with the most points move on to the next level of competition and a chance to win the elusive and alluring “Best Storyteller of Philadelphia” title.  First Person Arts has been culling the narrative talent of Philadelphia for the last decade, gaining significant momentum with its annual First Person Arts Festival and inventively participatory programs. Its primary purpose is to facilitate memoir and documentary production, whether spoken by professional artists or everyday peeps. — BRANDON LAFVING

First Person Arts StorySlam: Naughty or Nice?Monday, December 12th ?Doors at 7:30pm, Slam starts at 8:30pm? World Cafe Live 3025 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

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