WORTH REPEATING: Food Trucks R The New Black


[artwork by MITCH]

?UESTLOVE: I did a few DJ gigs out on the West Coast, and these really great, awesome food trucks would be outside selling weird specialty things. This one guy was selling his “world famous” roasted corn. So at 3 in the morning, I’m watching these people kill all this Mexican corn. And I was like, “Man, I want a food truck.” I imagined having a “Soul on a Roll” Mister Softee truck that served good soul food. It’s sort of like “be careful what you ask for.” In a perfect world, I would like to have a line of 15 really funky food trucks that go to all the festivals, the Bonnaroos, the Coachellas. This is becoming bigger than that. Food trucks are the new black. And I’m trying to prove that fried chicken is the new cupcakes. MORE

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PHAWKER: While it’s to be expected that some would assert otherwise, calling an asshole-ish woman a ‘bitch’ is NOT sexist. Coarse? Absolutely. Crass? To be sure. Not very nice? Yep. But it’s NOT sexist, just like calling an asshole-ish man a ‘dick’ is not sexist. On the other hand, running for president and going around the country telling people that it’s God’s will that women submit to their husband? Now THAT is sexist. Telling pubescent girls that getting vaccinated against cancer-causing HPV will make them mentally ‘retarded’? Sexist as well as unconscionable. Denying women access to affordable contraception and cervical cancer screenings? That’s sexist and, again, unconscionable.



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