MUST SEE TV: They Shoot Eat Horses Don’t They?

Last week President Obama quietly signed into law legislation that restores funding for USDA inspections of horse meat, effectively ending a five year freeze on such inspections and green-lighting the slaughter and sale of Trigger and Mr. Ed for human consumption. Those wacky animators at NMA break the news to the Pacific Rim in typically surrealistic fashion, no doubt getting a little payback for all those dog-eating jokes us Yanks like to crack.

RELATED: Officials are seeking the owner of a horse that was abandoned earlier this week in a vacant lot in Kensington. The Pennsylvania SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Department said it officers were directed to the trash strewn lot on the 3500 block of Ella Street by a call from a concerned person on Sunday. George Bengal, director of humane law enforcement, said the white, Arabian-type horse, was in poor condition. “The horse was underweight and appeared to be malnourished. It also had a large infected wound beneath its right elbow,” said Bengal. MORE

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