RAWK TAWK: Getting Down & Dirty With Low Cut Connie

Tony_Abraham_Avatar.jpgBY TONY ABRAHAM While the band name (don’t say it too fast!) and the title of their self-released debut LP (the faptastic Get Out The Lotion) aims lowbrow and hits the target every time (the cover art features a middle age Jersey diner waitress whose off-duty activities shall remain a mystery best left unsolved), Low Cut Connie is more than the raunchy sum of their downmarket puns — much more. They are, in fact, hella fun and you can’t put a price on that — although they invariably will. Thanks to killa-dilla debut and well-earned hyping in the pages of Rolling Stone and the airwaves Fresh Air, LCC is blowing up even as we speak. In fact, when we talked with the boys a little while back they were on their way to a meeting with the suits at Sony to discuss signing on the dotted line. The band boasts a classic American rock n roll sound — one part Jerry Lee hellfire piano, one part gargle-with-gasoline vocals, and two parts big boppin’/rockin’ pneumonia/boogie woogie flu. Light match, run away. Comprised of songwriters Adam Weiner of New Jersey and Dan Finnermore of Birmingham, England, Low Cut Connie talked with Phawker about the band, the record, and masturbation in advance of their show at Little Bar on Friday.

PHAWKER: So, Rolling Stone hails you guys as what “indie rock might sound like were it invented in Alabama in the late Fifties.”

ADAM WEINER: Yeah, I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

PHAWKER: But the album art fits that description pretty well, though. Who came up with the album art and how?

ADAM WEINER: I drew it. That’s Connie. Who came up with it? Yeah, it was me. I drew a picture of my fantasy of a New Jersey diner LOW_CUT_CONNIE.jpgwaitress, you know, like a South Jersey diner waitress.

PHAWKER: I gotcha.

ADAM WEINER: That’s her, that’s Connie. She’s certainly not beautiful, but she’s got a heart of gold. She sorta captures the essence of our band right now.

PHAWKER: Get Out the Lotion is the name of the album. Is that implying what we’re all thinking it’s implying?

ADAM WEINER: I don’t know, what do you think it’s implying?

PHAWKER: You talkin’ about jerkin’ it?

ADAM WEINER: If that’s what you want it to be. I would think it’s, you know, more of a public service announcement for skin cancer. But if you want it to be what is obviously on your mind a lot, that’s your business.

PHAWKER: Where’d the title come from? How’d you guys come up with that?

ADAM WEINER: It’s weird, I have a song that will be on our next album that I pulled Get Out the Lotion from. But yeah, that’s just an expression we use amongst ourselves in the band when something sounds good.

PHAWKER: How would you describe the music on the album?

ADAM WEINER: It’s actually pretty simple. It’s rock n roll. I wouldn’t call it indie in any way. It’s rock n roll. Classic. We use this phrase, “true gut bucket juke joint rock n roll.”

PHAWKER: How did the band name come to be?

ADAM WEINER: This is such a not interesting story.

LOW_CUT_CONNIE_2.jpgPHAWKER: Oh, let’s hear it.

ADAM WEINER: It’s really no story. We wanted it to be a girl’s name and Connie sounds right. You know, like the chick on the cover. If we were a girl, that’s probably the type of girl we’d be: low cut. She definitely on the weekends wears something pretty low cut.

PHAWKER: So how did Low Cut Connie form?

ADAM WEINER: We’re kind of a supergroup. Dan Finnermore is the other songwriter, he’s from Birmingham, England. He and I got stuck in an elevator together in England for about four hours a few years ago, and that’s how he and I became brothers, you know? Neil Duncan, the guitar player/drummer/producer, he hired me to give him piano lessons off of Craigslist. That’s how he and I got to be buddies. And I brought all these guys together, you know?

PHAWKER: Speaking of Dan, you said he’s from Birmingham, England, right?

ADAM WEINER: That’s right.

PHAWKER: And the music is just downright American rock n roll. How can you describe the musical compatibility between you and Dan?

ADAM WEINER: I think he adds a very British kind of perspective on rock n roll. His songs have that classic kind of Beatles, skiffle pop kind of instantly catchy vibe. Mine are a little bit darker and character oriented. But both of them revolve around three, four chords, danceable rock n roll beat, harmonies, and we’re just kind of cut from the same cloth if you know what I mean.

PHAWKER: Listening to the record gives you that feeling that you guys were in the studio having the time of your lives. I

ADAM WEINER: So we recorded in Neil’s garage in Gainesville, Florida in August. So it was about 100-110 degrees every day. It’s this little garage with no windows and no air conditioning, and we had to turn all the fans off while recording, of course. So it was like an oven. It was one of those situations where we were sweating so much that we could get two takes of a song and we’d have to immediately open the door and run outside, drink a shit ton of water or somebody would pass out. It was literally like an oven, it was probably about 120 degrees in the studio. Which probably affected the way we played, you know? Definitely a lot of our clothes came off, we were sweating, a little bit loopy – it made everything just sizzle.

“FULL OF JOY” – Low Cut Connie from ian graham on Vimeo.


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