#OCCUPY WALL STREET: Wall St. Salaries Have Risen 11.2% Annually, All Other Salaries Have Risen 1.8%

One_Percent.pngTHINK PROGRESS: Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum re-engineered a chart from the New York State Comptroller’s office showing how, in the last three decades, salaries in New York City’s securities industry have far outstripped those in the city’s other sectors. “Wall Street salaries have risen 11.2% per year, while all other salaries have risen 1.8% per year,” Drum found. In 2010, the average salary for someone in the securities industry was $366,000 while the average private sector salary in another industry was $66,000. MORE

MOTHER JONES: Note also that after nearly destroying the world in 2008 and seeing their average salaries plummet to a mere $310,000 a year, things have already rebounded nicely for Wall Street. I guess it’s because they’ve done such a great job of getting the economy moving again. MORE

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