POLICE BRUTALITY: The Ballad Of Tony Baloney

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: The NYPD has launched an investigation into why a police official pepper-sprayed penned-in female Wall Street protesters as video of a second spraying incident also emerged. A now-infamous online video that went viral around the world shows Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna walking up to two women standing inside a corral of orange netting, shooting pepper spray at their faces and striding quickly away, leaving them on their knees, howling in pain. A patrolman standing next to the women can be seen in another video of the same moment wiping his eyes and yelling, “He just [expletive] maced us!” More and more jumpy videos taken at Saturday’s protest near Union Square have surfaced. A new one appeared Wednesday showing Bologna deploying his pepper spray at a videographer moments after the first incident. The two videos have sparked a growing furor. NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Internal Affairs and the Civilian Complaint Review Board will investigate. He was skeptical the video snippets show the whole story. “In my experience, proponents of a certain position would show you just what they want to show you,” Kelly said. “Hopefully, [probers] will look at the totality of the information that they will gather.” Kelly was more angry that Bologna’s personal information was posted online.

Way to protect and serve…your officers, Commissioner.

COMMISSIONER KELLY: “It’s a terrible practice, just horrendous,” Kelly said. “Try to intimidate, putting the names of children, where children go to school – it’s totally inappropriate, despicable.” MORE

PHAWKER: It’s not about intimidation, Commish, it’s about holding power accountable for its abuses. Where’s the outrage about a bully with a badge point blank pepper-spraying unarmed and detained females without cause or provocation? At long last, sir, have you no sense of decency? What if they were your daughters?

DAILY KOS: Gradually the exploits of Detective Inspector Anthony (Tony Baloney) Bologna have eeked their way even into the Tony_Baloney_In_Action.jpgmainstream media.  It has become well known that he engages, in violation of policy, in an O.C. (Pepper) Spray attack on four defenseless women without provocation.  His actions also catch several of the officers in blue off guard and impact them with the mist of the spray.  He then violates policy further by callously walking away leaving the women to lie on the ground in agony without the required medical assistance. What has not yet been told and can now be exposed is that Inspector Bologna engages not once but twice in such indiscriminate attacks.  Moments after the now infamous spraying of the four women Bologna works his way down 12th Street toward University and for no reason begins to spray a person with a video camera (the view of this video), simple bystanders, and others for no apparent reason.  Again his attacks deploy long continuous streams of spray directly affecting unsuspecting officers as well as the innocent victims.  And then, once again, this ranking officer slinks away into the background leaving his victims to fend for themselves. Below I post an excerpt from this second video of this second attack.  My impression is that both attacks were meant to keep people from witnessing and documenting several unexplainable arrests taking place in the middle of these two locations. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: The peaceful Occupy Wall Street protest march turned violent as the NYPD corralled and pepper sprayed the participants. Mass arrests were made and loaded onto a NYC bus further locking traffic. The protest march took a route from Zuccotti Park to Union Square on East 14th Street. The protesters were marching back to Zuccotti Park when the NYPD turned violent. Hitting, arresting and forcing protesters into a small area. At that point a NYPD supervisor yelled shut up to one of the protesters and shot pepper spray into her eyes point blank range and hitting a half dozen protesters (including 3 police officers) when they had nowhere to go. The same supervising officer was seen (photographed) laughing after the arrests while looking at his text messages. MORE

LESSON: This is what happens in the Land Of The Free when you stand up and ask why the richest 1% possess a far larger share of the wealth than the other 99% combined. Why it’s socialism for the banks, Wall St. and Corporate America, but hard-ass capitalism for everybody else. What other conclusion could a reasonable observer draw from this?

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