EARLY WORD: Sweet Oblivion


When it comes to road work, Perpetual Groove (or PGroove, as they’re known by their adoring fans) is an unstoppable machine on a seemingly endless tour. Although they’re routinely classified as a jam band, PGroove’s sound can’t be contained within the boundaries of a single genre, and often combines elements of rock, electronic, ambient, psychedelia, and jazz all within the confines of a single song. Adam Perry’s stinging bass grooves and Albert Suttle’s heavy beats provide the foundation for undulating layers of keyboard and pulsating guitar crescendos that have been known to drive audiences into jam-induced convulsions. However, they have a sweet side as well. The emotion is palpable in lead guitarist/vocalist Brock Butler’s croon, especially in their slower songs, and is backed beautifully by John Hruby’s concordant keyboards — just check out the second half of “Long Past Settled In.”  “Sundog” is a perfect example of the band’s keening harmonies, trance-inducing rhythms, and turn-on-a-dime tempo changes. They play West Philly’s Blockley Pourhouse tonight with Heavy Pets. If you go, know that there is some risk of wanting to quit your job and follow them around the country selling grilled cheese sandwiches in the parking lot. But it will pass. — MEREDITH KLEIBER

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