Christine O’Donnell Storms Off Set Of Piers Morgan

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: The trouble started when Morgan asked O’Donnell about a part of her book that discussed gay marriage. That’s when O’Donnell accused him of “borderline being a little bit rude.” O’Donnell repeatedly urged Morgan to drop the topic of gay rights, but Morgan would not back down, asking another question about the Pentagon’s repeal of its “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Morgan at one point looked as though he was trying to hold back a smile, and insisted, “I think I’m being rather charming and respectful.” O’Donnell said the gay marriage issue is not relevant or what she is championing, saying the book is meant to inspire the tea party movement to “bring America back to the second American revolution.” O’Donnell began looking off camera while asserting that Morgan should only ask her what she told him she wanted to talk about. At that point O’Donnell claimed she was being pulled away, as a handler tried to block the camera. Morgan, for his part, didn’t look particularly invested or bothered when he asked, “Where are you going? You’re leaving?” MORE

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