THIS JUST IN: Trocadero Files For Bankruptcy


[Photos by JEFF FUSCO]

PHILLY DEALS: Joon Associates Inc. and its President, Joanna Pang, asked for court permission to reorganize the Troc, lately a rock-and-roll concert venue, today in US Bankruptcy Court in Philadelphia “to obtain a breathing spell from creditors while it negotiates a restructuring of its debts” according to the petition (US BC E.Pa. 11-16432). In her filing, Pang notes the high cost of cutting Ticketmaster a share of the proceeds for every show in the face of declining sales, along with declining ticket sales and unrelated litigation costs, for a cash flow squeeze that has started to delay workers’ paycheck. MORE

RELATED: The Trocadero Theatre, opened as the Arch Street Opera House in 1870, is a historic theater, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Over the years, it has offered musical comedies, vaudeville and burlesque. Burlesque performer Mara Gaye performed at the Troc in the 1950s. Later still, “The Troc” was refurbished for use as an art house cinema and fine arts theatre. The building was known at various time as the Arch Street Opera House (1870–1879); Park Theatre (1879); New Arch Street Opera House (1884); Continental Theatre (1889); Gaiety Theatre (1890); Casino/Palace Theatre (1892); Troc Theatre (1940); Slocum’s and Sweatman’s Theatre; Sweatman’s Arch Street Opera House; Simmon’s & Slocum’s Theatre; and Simmon’s Theatre.[2] The theater, designed by architect Edwin Forrest Durang, then modified several times, was added to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places in 1973, and to the National Register of Historic Places five years later. In 1986, the Trocadero was again remodeled for its current use as a concert hall and dance club. MORE

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