DAILY BEAST: Roemer officially announced his candidacy for president last month in New Hampshire, committed to returning power to the people. From his address to the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans: “I will attempt to beat the tyranny of the big check. If we don’t do this, the change that’s necessary to rebuild America will never happen. Because Washington is bought and sold.” On why change is needed: “Real people don’t have a voice in Washington, D.C.  Special interest money controls the discussion… I will take no PAC money. I will take no special interest money. I will accept no contribution greater than $100. And I will report every contribution, however small, regardless of whether federal law requires it. I want a president who is free to lead. Free to control the federal spending that is bankrupting our nation. Free to strive for energy independence by the end of this decade and bring our Armed Forces home from ‘oil’ duty. Free to make the tax code simpler and to eliminate corporate and Wall Street welfare. Free to change the health-care law to eliminate money favors to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Free to make sure Wall Street’s gambles don’t impact Main Street taxpayers.” MORE

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