THE MITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM: How Can Something This Blatantly Shady Possibly Be Legal?

 THE ATLANTIC: A mysterious company funneled $1 million into a Super PAC supporting Mitt Romney and then dissolved just months later, reports NBC News’s Michael Isikoff.  The contribution represented one of the largest donations of this election cycle and, according to Isikoff, “provides a vivid example of how secret campaign cash is being funneled in ever more circuitous ways into the political system.” The firm W Spann LLC, formed by Boston Mitt_Romney_Money_raised.jpgestate tax lawyer Cameron Casey, dissolved in July after being formed in March. In between that period it made a $1 million contribution to the Super PAC Restore Our Future started by former Romney aides. Though it’s listed as being located in a midtown Manhattan office building, that location has no record of it being a tenant. MORE

MSNBC: The hefty size of the W Spann contribution, and its murky origins, highlights the growing prominence of groups like Restore Our Future, one of a wave of super PACs that are amassing hefty campaign war chests this year — unrestricted by any limits on how much they can collect from corporations and other wealthy donors. While it says it is independent of the Romney presidential campaign, Restore Our Future was created by three former top Romney political aides who have made little secret of their interest in boosting his presidential candidacy. Last week, Restore Our Future filed its first report of 2012, disclosing that it had received $12.2 million during the first six months of the year. Among the contributors: four donors who contributed $1 million apiece, including John Paulson, the Wall Street hedge fund kingpin who made billions betting against the housing market, and two corporate partnerships listed at the Provo, Utah, address of Steven J. Lund, a former chief executive of Nu Skin Enterprises and a longtime Romney backer who has been a leader in the Mormon Church. But the most intriguing of the million-dollar donations was from W Spann LLC. Its address was listed on the Restore Our Future campaign report as 590 Madison Ave., a 43-story, ultra-modern office building in the heart of midtown Manhattan. But there is no public listing for any company called W Spann LLC at 590 Madison. A top executive of Minskoff Equities, the firm that manages the building, told NBC News that he had “never heard of” W Spann and that his management firm has no record of any such tenant. MORE

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