Post Office To Foreclose On Phawker Founder’s House


MY FOX PHILLY: The Ben Franklin post office in Philadelphia was informed Tuesday that it will likely be shut down, as the U.S. Postal Service attempts to reel in spending by closing thousands of locations across the country. The unassuming, three-story brick building, which pre-dates the Revolutionary War, would lose a post office but potentially gain a pharmacy, a grocery store or “other appropriate retailers,” the Postal Service. The Ben Franklin post office remains the only one in the country that doesn’t fly a U.S. flag. That’s because there wasn’t a U.S. flag in 1775, when Franklin founded what has evolved into today’s Postal Service. There’s a postal museum upstairs from the post office, which is located in a house once owned by Franklin. It opened as a post office in 1975, 200 years after Benjamin Franklin was appointed the country’s first postmaster general. MORE

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