MUST SEE TV: George C. Scott Is NOT A Fan Of The Aggressively Awful New Adam Sandler Movie

WASHINGTON POST: One cannot say he or she has watched a terrible movie trailer until he or she has witnessed all two minutes and 33 seconds of the recently released trailer for Adam Sandler’s upcoming comedy, “Jack & Jill.” This clip/promotional debacle boasts Adam Sandler in drag, Adam Sandler as the twin brother of himself in drag, Al Pacino hitting on Adam Sandler in drag with help from a hot dog weiner and Katie Holmes attempting not to look embarassed by her involvement in this motion picture. MORE

GAWKER: I don’t know that there’s really anything to say about this. Movies were fun while they lasted, but I guess they’re over now, because God or Manon or Christopher Hitchens or whoever you believe in won’t let us make any more movies now that we’ve made this one. MORE

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