WANGO TANGO: Ted Nugent Eats Tiger Dick


MOTHER JONES: Of course, Nugent’s backdrop is a giant American flag, and it’s a secret to no one that he’s a bit of an oddity in this liberal haven. Soon enough, he’s ragging on California in general—”The Independent? I didn’t know that was legal here”—and telling off-color jokes about San Francisco’s Chinatown District. He introduces “Dog Eat Dog” by suggesting that people eat sweet-and-sour dog, and boasts that he dined on tiger-dick soup earlier in the day—a claim that becomes one of the evening’s running themes. Example: It being the fifth of July, Nugent deems it “Defiance Day”—an extension of Independence Day. He honors the occasion by shouting, “The status quo can suck my tiger dick, along with everyone in the White House!” It’s not quite to the level of telling Barack Obama to “suck on my machine gun,” as he did at a show four years ago, which is probably for the best. It gets the point across nonetheless. Meanwhile, Nugent’s friend Kevin Russell watches from the VIP balcony. Russell’s from Detroit, too, and his band 707 toured with Nugent in the early ’80s. “We don’t talk about guns and we don’t talk about politics and we don’t talk about hunting,” he says. “We talk about guitars and Detroit. That’s all I’ll say about that. MORE


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