SAD: South Philly Cat Lady Hoarding Horror Show


6ABC: “Deplorable” is what SPCA investigators are calling conditions inside Stephanie Sinkin’s home on South Chadwick Street. Inside they found dozens of cats – many in poor health, living in piles of trash. On Sunday, Pennsylvania SPCA investigators carted away 22 live cats and six dead ones in what they’re calling a classic case of hoarding. George Bengal of the PSPCA tells Action News, “As they started cleaning out the trash, there’s nests of cats all in this trash – from ceiling to floor, in every room in the house.” Investigators say they got suspicious after Sinkin brought three cats into the SPCA for treatment. Law enforcement later went to the home and found it full of trash, bug infested and covered in urine and feces.”When officer came [to the house] to execute the warrant, the fleas were just covering her whole face… and the lice. You couldn’t really see her face,” said Bengal. MORE

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