EXODUS: Six Million Americans Quit Facebook In May


ASSOCIATED PRESS: According to Inside Facebook, the social networking site hit 687 million monthly users in June, though the growth rate overall has been slower than normal for the past two months. Though for the past year Facebook has grown by at least 20 million users each month, in April and in May, it grew by 13.9 and 11.8 million respectively. And in the U.S. and in Canada, Facebook actually lost users. U.S. accounts fell by close to 6 million, from 155.2 million at the beginning of May to 149.4 million at the end. This marks the first time American Facebook membership has dropped in the last year. Canadian users also fell by about 1.5 million. MORE

INSIDE FACEBOOK: Our data source was Inside Facebook Gold, our tracking service that shows country-by-country monthly active user counts, based exactly on the data that Facebook provides in its advertising tool. It showed Facebook falling from 155.2 million at the beginning of May to 149.4 million at the beginning of June, but growing by 11.8 million monthly actives around the world to reach 687.1 million over the same period. Because this data can be buggy, delayed, or otherwise unclear, we regularly compare it against what leading third party measurement services show. Here’s the latest data available from Compete, comScore, Google Ad Planner and Quantcast. MORE

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