EXCLUSIVE: Penn Relays Was A Magnet For Immigration Fraud According To Wikileaked Cable


U.S. EMBASSY KINGSTON JAMAICA: The Penn Relays track and field meet in April of each year is a major athletic event that is a significant cultural milestone for many young Jamaican athletes. Hundreds of high school and university students apply for visas each spring to attend the meet. However, many mala fide applicants apply for visas to attend the meet as well, disguising themselves as student athletes. MORE

RELATED: In January, FPU intercepted a group of sixteen  performers who had close ties to the Caribbean Alliance Group, a petitioner known to FPU to have associations with drug trafficking.  While this group of performers had applied under a new petition, many of the group had previously traveled for Caribbean Alliance  Group and the bona fides of their previous travel could not be established. Most of the group could not give convincing answers  about their upcoming tour, so the group was refused and their ties to the suspect petitioner were documented. MORE


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