Brad Pitt To Film Zombie Invasion Of Philly In Glasgow


MYFOXPHILLY: Brad Pitt is filming a $120 million movie about zombies invading Philadelphia, but one thing is missing: any location shooting in our area. Instead, “World War Z” will use Glasgow, Scotland as a fill-in for Philadelphia. On Monday, crews started changing store fronts and other landmarks in Glasgow to make it look like Philadelphia. The is the second high-profile location snub for Philadelphia, after ABC decided to shoot “Body Of Proof,” its Philadelphia-located drama, in Providence. British newspapers say Pitt will show up for filming in August for two weeks of action shots. The work will add $US 2.5 million to the local economy in Glasgow, in the most lucrative film deal in that nation’s history. So why can’t a movie about zombies invading Philadelphia be shot on the Schuylkill River, and not on the River Clyde? Would it not be natural to film zombies walking up the Art Museum steps, or at least invading Independence Hall? MORE

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