THANK GOD FOR ATHEISTS: Otherwise Your Dog Or Cat Would Starve To Death After The Rapture

rapture.jpgDAILY NEWS: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ – if and when it happens – raises all types of questions for believers who expect to “meet the Lord in the air” during the Rapture, as the Bible states. Such as: Who’s going to feed the dog? Bart Centre has you covered. For only $135. Centre, a retired retail executive for a major national chain, has found a way to profit from what he sees as the misguided beliefs of God-fearing Bible thumpers. “I’m not looking to make a statement here,” said Centre, 62, an atheist author and founder of Eternal Earth-Bound Pets. “I’m looking to make money.” The fledgling company, which has received a “shot in the arm” from the May 21 Judgment Day hysteria, sells 10-year contracts to protect pets from “a slow death by starvation in the event that you get raptured,” according to Centre. MORE

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