CONCERT REVIEW: Adele At The Electric Factory


meAVATAR2.jpgBY JONATHAN VALANIA FOR THE INQUIRER It is a fitting coincidence that Brit ‘It Girl’ Adele launched her much-anticipated stateside tour the same weekend that “Bridesmaids,” Team Apatow’s rowdy girl-centric answer to “The Hangover,” opens in theaters across the country. The former is a budding superstar, the latter is a burgeoning box office hit, and the common ground is that Adele is the celebrated maker of mass-appeal music that could aptly be described as chick-flick soul. Her calling card, of course, is that voice: Big, bracing and acrobatic enough to wow the nattering class that tunes in weekly for “American Idol,” but inflected with a hard-won world-weariness that defies her tender age. Her recently-released “21,” titled after the London-based singer-songwriter’s age when she recorded the album (Adele just turned 23), makes good on the promise of her lovelorn neo-soul breakout debut, “19,” while upping the ante artistically. All rainy days and Mondays, dead flowers and bittersweet regrets, “21” is post-break-up comfort food for the ears. Friday night at the way, way sold out Electric Factory (scalpers’ tickets were going for hundreds of dollars online), Adele could do no wrong in the eyes and ears of the faithful, an opinion largely shared by this neutral observer. MORE

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