Man Released From Graterford After Serving Nearly 20 Years For Crimes He Did Not Commit

get-out-of-jail-free-card_1.jpgTRIBUNE: This week, after spending almost twenty years in prison, Muhammad Don Ray Adams Jr. walked out of Graterford Prison a free man, once again able to live a life that most people who have never been incarcerated take for granted. Adams spent 19 years and six months behind bars for two murders that he maintained from the beginning that he didn’t commit. Though convicted in 1991 of the December 22, 1990 killings of Darryl Patterson and Thomas Winn, Adams was not sentenced to death — he was sent to prison for life, instead. Then, just this past Monday, April 25th, during the retrial of the case, a jury found Adams not guilty of all charges. On Wednesday, April 26th, Senior Judge Carolyn E. Temin, who also presided over Adams’ original trial, signed an order for his release. […] “Finally I get to the intake area and the administrator at the desk punched my name up on the computer and the order said, ‘Release Now.’ When I heard that, I thought, Praise Be to Allah. I’m out of here. I signed some more papers and as I was walking to intake, they made the call and the lieutenant asked if he could take me out. He had an envelope and he said to me ‘Adams, here’s your money.’” Adams, who had been in prison since 1991, hadn’t seen the new twenty dollars bills now in circulation and questioned if the cash was real. MORE

MEANWHILE: State Senator Bob Mensch admits he had two guns in his car when Pennsylvania troopers pulled him over last month. But, he denies monopoly_go_to_jail_card.jpgholding one of the guns or doing anything with it that would make other people on the road feel threatened. “I had one gun in the glove box and one under the seat. It was brand new, still in the box,” Mensch told NBC Philadelphia. Police pulled him over on I-78 in Berks County last month after another driver reported him, saying Mensch had “a black-colored handgun and held it in his right hand,” according to The Morning Call. The senator was cited for disorderly conduct. MORE

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