AP TICKER: ‘This Is Why Rome Fell’

AP weighs in on the budget puppet show, explaining why the Republicans are such dicks and the real reason the Dems let them be such dicks. All part of his unfolding Unified Theory Of Everything That’s Wrong With America. Here’s brief excerpt:

The GOP has managed to turn a lie into a truth simply by repeating it over and over again until it becomes received wisdom: We need to cut spending to create jobs. That’s their mantra. And that is exactly the opposite of the truth.

The Congressional budget office estimated that if the Republicans get all the cuts they wanted, it would KILL 700,000 jobs — not create them.  Just to be clear: In the middle of the deepest and longest economic downturn since the Great Depression, with nearly 10% of the population jobless, they want to CUT spending and KILL 700,000 jobs.

That’s like driving your car into a ditch, and then instead of towing it out, you say ‘you know what would get this car out of the ditch? Tearing out the seats! Yeah, maybe cut the brakes too and deflate the tires! That should do the trick.’

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