Study Finds Pennsylvania Has The Highest Percentage Of Structurally Deficient Bridges In The Nation


A just-released study by Transportation for America says 26.5% percent of Pennsylvania’s bridges – or roughly 6,000 – have critical structural problems, earning the Keystone State the distinction of being The Most Dangerous State In The Union To Drive Across A Bridge. Don’t expect that to change any time soon. “Are we trying to … find the funds for it? Yes. But I will go back, and you’ve heard me say it repeatedly: we inherited a $4.3 billion deficit that we have to resolve,” Governor Tom Corbett told Newswork’s Scott Detrow. In the meantime, we might want to start equipping bridges with life boats. Zing! In conjunction with the study, Transportation for America created this awesome interactive map: enter your address and it will show you all the troubled bridges within a 10-mile radius. Below is a screen grab of the results for Philadelphia, we started counting but gave up after 70. Welcome to life after Empire. Well, it was fun while it lasted.


[Click map to activate Internets]

PREVIOUSLY: The state Department of Transportation last year found 6,000 structurally deficient bridges statewide. Of those, 60 heavily traveled bridges were in the Philadelphia region and rated as bad as, or worse than, the condition of the Minnesota bridge that collapsed last August. MORE

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