RIP: Gerladine Ferraro, First Woman To Break The Glass Ceiling Of Presidential Politics, Dead At 75


NEW YORK TIMES:  “If we can do this, we can do anything,” Ms. Ferraro declared on a July evening to a cheering Democratic National Convention in San Francisco. And for a moment, for the Democratic Party and for an untold number of American women, anything seemed possible: a woman occupying the second-highest office in the land, a derailing of the Republican juggernaut led by President Ronald Reagan, a President Walter F. Mondale. It did not turn out that way — not by a long shot. After the roars in the Moscone Center had subsided and a fitful general election campaign had run its course, hopes for Mr. Mondale and his plain-speaking, barrier-breaking running mate were buried in a Reagan landslide. But Ms. Ferraro’s supporters proclaimed a victory of sorts nonetheless: 64 years after women won the right to vote, a woman had removed the “men only” sign from the White House door. MORE

DAVID STAMPONE: Not just a ground-breaker; a fine, underrated legislator/pol (check the record). Went to cheer/ hear her on ’84 campaign trail – gave a fiery speech San Diego University’s Open Air Theater before a 75% hostile crowd: Young Republican frat-rats & sorority-skanks waving derisive “Wally & The Beaver” signs & worse. She Fought the Good Fight, Amen.

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