DRUG WAR: Man Who Prosecuted Paris Hilton For Cocaine Posession Busted For Posession Of Cocaine


LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: A Clark County prosecutor assigned to some of Las Vegas’ most high-profile drug cases was arrested Saturday after police say he bought crack cocaine from a street dealer. David Charles Schubert, 47, was arrested Saturday and booked on a possession of cocaine charge, according to jail records. Schubert was arrested by a Las Vegas police patrol officer at 4:51 p.m. near Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway. The patrol officer saw what he thought was a drug transaction and stopped Schubert’s vehicle near Sierra Vista Drive and Cambridge Street, police said. The alleged drug dealer told police that Schubert, who he knew as “Joe,” had bought $40 worth of crack cocaine from him two or three times a week for the past six or seven months. The dealer is not in custody. Police said they found cocaine in Schubert’s car, along with a handgun and large amount of ammunition. Schubert, a chief deputy district attorney, recently prosecuted the Bruno Mars and Paris Hilton celebrity drug cases. MORE

TANGENTIALLY RELATED:  Slashing at walls, jumping from roof to roof; those are some of the antics that a Luzerne County couple has allegedly done.  Now, police say the pair is behind bars for endangering their child all while under the influence of legal bath salts. It’s the latest arrest in the area for a problem that is growing in our area. […] State police say bath salts are sold legally and used as an bath_salts.jpgalternative to cocaine. Hundreds of bath salt poisoning cases have been reported since January. Earlier this month, 25 year old Ryan Foley was arrested for breaking into a Scranton monastery and attacking a priest. MORE

RELATED: Law enforcement in Northeastern Pennsylvania is growing increasingly concerned over a product marketed as “ bath salts” that’s being used as an alternative to cocaine. These bath salts are not the typical crystals sold in the soap and lotion aisle of a beauty store. This product is marketed mostly in head shops and gas stations under the same disguise. It is legal to sell and purchase. Users snort, ingest or smoke the substance similar to cocaine or crack, undercover drug detectives explained. Adverse effects of bath salts, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, include extreme paranoia, hallucinations, rapid heart rate, suicidal thoughts, disorientation, insomnia and kidney failure. It is causing headaches for law enforcement with reports of people wanting to harm themselves or others, or causing disturbances in public. Recent local incidents include: MORE

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