HACKTIVISM: Anonymous Takes On The Oligarchy

RELATED: A group of decentralized hacker activists — or “hacktivists” — known as Anonymous announced a new plan on March 14 to take on the Federal Reserve System, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, the World Bank, and the entire “global banking cartel.” In a video posted on YouTube (watch below), the group said “Operation Empire State Rebellion,” as the effort is being called, would entail “a relentless campaign of nonviolent, peaceful civil disobedience” until the group’s demands are met and “a rule of law is restored.” And it has already announced several demands which U.S. and international authorities will almost certainly not comply with, even despite the group’s past successes in punishing and humiliating prominent institutions and powerful dictatorships. […] In the statement, Anonymous described itself as a decentralized “non-violent resistance movement” seeking to “restore the rule of law and fight back against the organized criminal class.” It stated that one-tenth of one percent of the population had consolidated wealth in an “unprecedented” manner while waging an “all-out economic war” against everyone else. MORE

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