COLORMUSIC: Tog (Feat. Wayne Coyne)

Colourmusic – Tog from Delo Creative on Vimeo.
Welcome to the beautifully strange world of Colourmusic. Rounded out by bassist Colin Fleishacker, drummer Nicholas Ley, and guitarist Nick Turner, Colourmusic’s new material amounts to an ever-evolving mass of melancholic melodies, gauzy vocals, shifty beats, and monophonic musical structures. Not to mention glimpses of agnostic gospel grooves (“You For Leaving Me”), hip-shaking R&B (“Feels Good To Wear”), acid-drenched pop (“Tog”), and Bladerunner-inspired psych (“Pororoca,” which means — quite tellingly —“great destructive noise” in many parts of South America). And then there’s “The Little Death,” a five-part foray into the outer realm of sandblasted rock, subterranean drone tones, and the kind of headphone-ready hooks that cause weak-willed speakers to spontaneously combust. Like a yellow brick road to the second circle of hell (lust, if you haven’t visited Dante’s Inferno in a while), it’s a ten-minute guide to what makes Colourmusic tick.

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