ARTSY: Our First Friday Picks

Desert_Islandjpg CAROLINE SCHMIDT Henry the Navigator was born on March 4th, in 1394. Charlie Chaplin was knighted on the same day, in 1975. Abraham Lincoln was sworn into office, in 1861. It was the last full day-in-the-life of Josef Stalin (d. March 5, 1953), as well as Patsy Cline (d. March 5, 1963). Here is a list of top-five gallery picks for the month of March in Philadelphia, some of them, but not all (!) opening on this momentous day, Friday March 4th.

Desert Island, curated by Gabe Fowler–the owner of the Brooklyn based comic/art bookshop of the same name–opens this Friday at Space 1026. The show will include installation work by Ali Aschman, Lisa Hanawalt, James Moore and John Mejias. Opening reception from 7-10PM. Space 1026 is located at 1026 Arch St, 2nd floor.

March at Vox Populi brings street photography, multi-media, installations, film, and trophies. There is a five part show including the works, The Origin of the World by Stefan Abrams, Keystone States by Christian Herr, Wow and Flutter: Revolutions in coded, de-coded, re-coded memory by Leticia Bajuyo and Joshua Hamilton [curated by Joey Yates], Recall by Linda Yun, and Blessed Blessed Oblivion, a film about everyday life and gender identity under occupation in East Jerusalem by Jumana Manna [curated by Elisabeth Subrin]. The opening reception is Friday from 6-11PM. Vox Populi is located at 319 N 11th St, 3rd floor.

Bambi_Picture.jpgEast of Eden will be on exhibit at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center from Thursday, March 3rd until May 21st. The show comprises a body of work created by photographers Doug DuBois, Amy Stein and Mark Steinmetz, all reflections and retellings of John Steinbeck’s canonical novel in contemporary terms. The opening reception will be Thursday, March 10th from 6-9PM. Additionally, photographer Mark Steinmetz will be giving a lecture on Friday, March 11th from 6-7PM. Admission is free. The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is located at 1400 N. American St., Suite 103

On Saturday, March 5th Jessica Gath will be performing live The World Famous Secretary for You, a reenactment of a 1981 serial radio broadcast, at Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art. Gath will type and mail letters, postcards, and apologies upon audience request, using fill-in-the-blank pre-typed templates, including phrases like: “You’ve been on my mind recently because I _______________________.” And,  “I am so sorry I ______________________.” Those who can’t make it can fill out a form online to have a card mailed, but go. Be endeared.  Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art is located at 173 W Girard Ave.

This month at Bambi Gallery there will be a joint show including the works Broken Mirror by Sienna Freeman, featuring resin-cast collaged images [pictured, above left], and Blueprint Series: The City Recollected by Gail Cunningham, a collection of Cyanotypes of reconstructed Philadelphia buildings. According to Bambi’s site, it’s the last show at the current Piazza space, so check it out while you still can. Opening reception is Friday from 6-10PM.  Bambi is located at 1001-13 N. Second St., at the Piazza at Schmidt’s.

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