UNSTOPPABLE: Duck Boats To Re-Take Delaware

https://i0.wp.com/hfeimages.aristotle.net/General/SMP/Logo%20-%20Ride%20the%20Ducks%20Web%20300w.jpg?w=790INQUIRER: Just hours after the city rejected a plan Tuesday to move the duck boats to the Schuylkill, the company that operates them said it plans to return to the Delaware River, the site of a July 7 accident that killed two Hungarian tourists. There appear to be few hurdles in the way – at least for now. The Coast Guard has cleared Ride the Ducks, the Georgia company that runs the business, to resume operations on the Delaware. Joseph Forkin, vice president of the Delaware River Waterfront Corp. (DRWC), which holds the lease for the ramp the ducks use, said his organization’s agreement with Ride the Ducks was current. He said it was too early to comment further.  Chris Herschend, head of the company that operates Ride the Ducks in Philadelphia and four other locations, said he hoped to have the duck boats on the Delaware this year. MORE

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