Confessed Sabina Killer Donte Johnson Tells Judge He Can Afford New Six Figure Defense Attorney

PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY: At last month’s pre-trial conference, Johnson surprised the court by revealing that he fired court-appointed attorney Lee Mandell and instead hired lawyer Douglas Dolfman. Dolfman’s first motion was to announce that his client will not accept a plea and instead wants a jury trial. It was revealed this morning that the state’s plea deal was life in prison plus 40-80 years. If convicted at trial, Johnson, who was 18 years old at the time of the murder, could face the death penalty. […] Judge Hughes told Johnson that the type of sophisticated defense that his case would require is expensive—in excess of $100,000. Aside from Dolfman’s fees, this type of defense also requires hiring a second attorney specifically trained in capital cases, hiring forensic experts, psychology and/or psychiatry experts, and commissioning other experts and testing. “Are you prepared to expend this type of funds for your representation? Your family has these kinds of resources?” “Yes,” replied Johnson. MORE

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