OW, MY BALLS: Larry Platt Testicle Photos Leaked To Gawker, Along With Not-Funny Black Nurse Joke


GAWKER: A former Philadelphia staffer provided the below email, which Platt sent to his then-assistant while recovering from having a testicle removed. Platt makes a questionable joke about a black woman, then instructs the assistant to forward his testicle pictures to “the ball girls,” a group of five current and former staffers. MORE

RELATED: IN HIS reporting of my leave-taking as editor of Philadelphia magazine, Dan Gross included in his description of my “un-bosslike” behavior “tackling in the hallways.” To be clear, there had been no tackling in the hallways of Philadelphia magazine since 2003, which is when I rescinded my Mandatory Coed Tackling Policy, in large part due to my very responsible concerns for workplace safety. Interestingly, before rescinding the policy, then-staff writer Sasha Issenberg, though short, was a particularly adept tackler. He went for the knees. MORE

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