DAILY NEWS: WHEN THE KING of ultraviolent wrestling suffered severed arteries during a match, he wanted to keep fighting while blood shot from his armpit like a small geyser. “Just wrap it,” Nick “F’n” Gage told the people screaming “Call 9-1-1.” Gage [pictured, above right, smashing fluorescent light bulb over back of his opponent], a berserker whose brutal brand of wrestling has made him a legend in the Philadelphia-based Combat Zone Wrestling, has been set on fire, hit with chairs, tables and worse, and has seen his blood spilled all around the world. The only thing that could stop Gage was Gage, also known as Nicholas W. Wilson, the South Jersey native who created the character in 1999. Last month, Wilson, 30, may have sidelined his alter ego for years when he allegedly walked into a Collingswood Bank and handed a teller a note demanding money. “Gage” was supposed to stir things up at a CZW event held in South Philly last night, but Wilson was in the Camden County Jail on $150,000 bail for robbery charges. Speaking publicly about his arrest for the first time, Wilson told the Daily News that he’s ready to do his time, get clean from drug addictions that have plagued him for years, and eventually get back to what he does best, kicking ass. MORE

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