EARLY WORD: Lullabyes For The Common Man


MERGE: Julian Koster and The Music Tapes will be delivering lullabies at bedsides from bedroom to bedroom, and house to house during a tour that stops in Philadelphia on Friday. Featuring new songs as well as some of the gentler songs from Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes and the 1st Imaginary Symphony for Nomad, lucky hosts will be visited at the bedtime hour by the most lulling of music tapes songs, by the sounds of the glowing and enchanting “Ghost Orchestra,” Singing Saws, Stories, and so forth. To invite The Music Tapes to your house, send an invitation to:LullabyeDeliveries@gmail.com to reserve a time slot. There will be very few slots available so the first and most warm invitations will have to be chosen. Sleep over gatherings are accepted and even encouraged, although the lullabies will be absolutely delighted to regale audiences of only one. Locations of the lullaby events will be closed, and will not be announced to the general public, though you are heartily encouraged to make use of whatever means you wish to make new friends and gather. MORE

RELATED: To find out the secret location of Friday’s Philly Lullabye Delivery write to LullabyeDeliveries@gmail.com

RELATED: One of the main problems here is that—and I think we’re going to hear a lot more about this in the coming year—to talk about “indie rock” as a whole is very obviously a mistake. There’s simply too much happening, in far too many different styles, to make any real statement about what it might sound like at a particular moment. The truth is that the bands he mentions, even the ones that make some degree of sense—Best Coast, Neon Indian, Washed Out—are relatively minor players in the world of indie rock. Last I heard (yesterday), there were still some tickets left to see Best Coast and Wavves at Music Hall next month. On the other hand, The Decemberists just sold out three nights at the Beacon Theater. Bright Eyes just sold out two nights at Radio City, where Vampire Weekend sold out three nights just a few months ago. There are plenty of arguments you can make against those bands, but “I don’t like them because they justify dumb fun” simply isn’t one of them. MORE

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