DAILY NEWS: A young woman was found dead, partially clothed and with a plastic bag covering her head, in a desolate lot in Kensington yesterday. One thought hung in the frigid air over the crime scene, over the group of police officers and worried residents who stood nearby and shivered in the cold for hours: Had the Kensington Strangler struck again? Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey acknowledged that investigators were wondering the same thing. MORE

INQUIRER: Philadelphia police found the body of another woman in Kensington Wednesday evening and the task force investigating the strangling of women in that area was on the scene. The body was found in a weedy railroad right-of-way along the 100 block of East Tusculum Street, which is not far from where other women have been found dead. “It is a suspicious death,” said Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey, who quickly appeared on the scene Wednesday evening. “She is nude from the waist down … She appears to be, maybe, in her 20s, Caucasian.” Three women were strangled in the area in recent weeks, though police say one of those deaths is unlikely to be related to the others. Three other women told police they were attacked and the assailant sexually assaulted them or tried to do so. “Very, very suspicious circumstances,” Ramsey said of Wednesday night’s discovery. “We don’t know how long she’s been there … We’re still searching the scene. It’s still fresh.” MORE


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