VICK: How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

THE GRIO: Vick has often expressed his love of all animals — not just dogs, and hopes that the court-ordered rule that prevents him owning a dog will one day change.  “I would love to get another dog in the future. I think it would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process. I think just to have a pet in my household and to show people that I genuinely care, and my love and my passion for animals; I think it would be outstanding. If I ever have the opportunity again I will never take it for granted. I miss having a dog right now. I wish I could. My daughters miss having one, and that’s the hardest thing: telling them that we can’t have one because of my actions.” MORE

RELATED: Ah, Philadelphia. Such a lovely place. And the animal rights protesters are completely wasting their time. Some of these fans are devoid of a heart, which makes the city such a lovely place for sports fans. This mural of Michael Vick strangling a dog wearing a Cowboys jersey just shows that yes, even on the side of a tire shop, we can show our love. Or whatever it is Philly fans call it. I think it’s called “We aren’t gonna chuck batteries at you…..yet.” MORE

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