SPORTO: About Last Night MIKE WOLVERTON SPORTS GUY Apparently it’s cool to obliterate Michael Vick as he’s going out of bounds. Cowboys linebacker Anthony Spencer got away with it in the 2nd quarter Sunday night. Never mind that every quarterback in the league gets that call. A tight end would get that call. Is it that referees see how quick Vick is and can’t help thinking of him as a running back (and thus less protected)? Or is it possible that there is a bias against Vick, subconscious or otherwise?

Later there was the play where two Cowboys defenders delivered consecutive helmet-to-helmet hits on Vick (one was penalized). Vick took a beating in that game, seeming to injure his chest, thumb and shoulder at different points.  I know there’s little the Eagles can do to improve their offensive line at this point, but they have to try to limit the shots Vick is taking. Right now it seems like the only thing that can derail the Birds’ offense is injuries.

Vick deservedly gets a ton of the credit, but DeSean Jackson makes him look awfully good. Jackson blew by Terence Newman on the first play of the game and caught Vick’s perfect pass for 60 yards. With the game tied in the 4th quarter, a hobbling Jackson took a 10-yard “sideline out” 91 yards to paydirt. Those two plays accounted for over half of Vick’s passing total. As for DeSean’s pirouette-reverse-flop into the end zone, normally I’m against celebrations. I’m not against celebrating, but there’s a rule against it and you have to be smart. But I’m giving Jackson a pass on this one. He’d just made a pretty ridiculous play and, let’s face it, the little show at the end dramatically increases the staying power of that highlight as years go by. Plus, this was in Dallas. Showing up the Cowboys must be encouraged. My feelings were solidified the next morning when I showed my 5-year-old the play. He got all excited and laughed and said, “That was funny at the end. That’s crazy. Silly Jackson.”

I hope you caught the onfield interview with Jackson after the game. Talking of Vick, he said, “He’s a leader, he takes blame for everything, even if it’s not his fault.” Now what on earth could he be talking about…?

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